Millie Ferreira was born in October 2002. She spent two years in New York with her family, and now lives in a beautiful house in South London with her dad John, mom Debbie, brother Oliver, cat Mimi and dog Biddy who insisted to be featured on Pirouette. Millie What do you want to be when you grow up Zoo keeper Your favorite famous person Hello Kitty Your favorite book Roald Dahls The Twits, Magic Kitten Seaside Mystery, Stories for Girls Favorite film Santa Buddies, Nanny McPhee, Marley and Me Favorite place for the holidays Sri Lanka and the Maldives A city that you dream to visit Sidney Who choses your clothes in the morning I do always Favorite color Green and purple Favorite brands Zara Kids, H&M The piece you like the most in your closet My guinea pig t-shirt (its too small for me but I will never let it go) Next item you would love to get A T-shirt with a kitten on the front!


Debbie Your favorite children’s brands Quincy, Simple Kids, Caramel, Zara Kids Favorite adult’s brandsDries Van Noten, Marni and a good pair of jeans Favorite children’s storesCaramel in London, Yoyamart in NYC, Zara kids in Portugal (they always have more choice), Couverture in Notting Hill What type of online consumer are you? I’m not a big fan of online shopping. I love the whole shopping experience – I like to ‘feel’, try on, before I buy. Books are pretty much the only thing I buy The most expensive item you bought for your Millie A pink sapphire from Sri Lanka (it will be made into a ring for her) and her christening gown (handmade in Portugal) The criteria you consider when you buy something for child When Millie was little I loved shopping for her clothes: but now she chooses everything and is quite specific about what she does and doesn’t like (even down to school shoes!) I love her creativity and imagination: yes she sometimes gets it wrong (in my mind of course), but I think its important to let her express herself. That said, there are always limits and I do try to suggest, but often its a 100% rejection! An item that is hard to find Good kids Swimwear – never lasts The outfit you really enjoy to see Millie in A white cotton dress from Bonpoint – timeless Where will you spend your summer holidays Possibly back to Fire Island to a house we rent on the beach, then Sitges and Figueras in Spain

QuincySimple Kids, Zara Kids, Caramel Baby & Child,YoyamartCouverture