Julia Bostock takes Caramel Baby&Child to Suffolk

For this AW13 season's images, photographer Julia Bostock took caramel baby & child to Suffolk. Sharing a few photos, we take the occasion to announce that caramel baby &child just opened a concession in Fenwick, a multi-brand store in the heart of London (Bond Street),…

Three good reasons to visit Selfridges

. 1&2. French brand La Cerise sur le gateau just joined - 3. The white christmas windows, and particularly the giant orchid in a snow storm by Marc Quinn - 4. A brand new Caramel  Baby & Child store (20% discount on clothes this Saturday, Nov 25)

Isobel, 5 years old – London, UK

Today we welcome Isobel, 5 years old and her mother Lindsey,  journalist and founder of Urban Mums. Lindsey reports : "Izzy loves listening to music and dancing, especially “streetdancing” which she can’t believe she learned on her own. She is not a fan of wearing jeans,…

Caramel illustrated

. .   .   . Lovely illustrations by  Florine - All characters are wearing the new Autumn/Winter Caramel Baby and Child collection:  signature knits, structured tailoring, Liberty print blouses and  little pastel dresses... www.caramel-shop.co.uk .

I shop Caramel

  Sales everywhere; time for good bargains! My guilty pleasure of the week was a tour at Caramel baby&child. I love the feel of the stores (clean but generous), the products and brand selection, the visual displays and the touches of vibrant colours. Addictive!…

Sunny afternoon

  Soustons, South of France - Dress Caramel Baby&Child, leggings Finger in the nose - Toys photos by Jasmine

Charity store of a new generation

  Fara Kids, freshly opened, is located in one of the most desirable shopping streets of London next to prestigious children's brands. The shop is as large and as beautiful as its neighbors,  but it is not  competition for Caramel Baby & child, Burberry, I love…

Interview of a childrenswear designer

  Velvette is a fashion designer based in France. She works with many childrenwear brands as well as for a Paris based trends agency. She has no children yet, but her goddaughter who just turned 11 is an endless source of inspiration. Colors and textures reveal who…


  Nice harmony of yellow, lime and pink  at Caramel baby and child for the summer sale. Like in a world of cupcakes and lemonade!  

Millie Ferreira, 7 years old, London

Millie Ferreira was born in October 2002. She spent two years in New York with her family, and now lives in a beautiful house in South London with her dad John, mom Debbie, brother Oliver, cat Mimi and dog Biddy who insisted to be featured on Pirouette. Millie What do…