If you would have told me at that time that she would one day become my assistant at Pirouette (that was in 2013!), it would have seemed a long shot. But if you would have told me that she would become a pop singer one day, I would have totally have bought into that idea. This girl has soul! She had it then, and she has it now.


What first inspired you to become a singer? Did you always know this was what you would do?
Since I was little I live surrounded by music, when my family gets together our celebrations always include singing and dancing, so music for us means sharing good moments of joy and bonding. That joy and feeling that music brings had a huge impact in me and I was blown away when I heard singers like Aretha Franklin or Alicia Keys, I learned the power of music. When I started writing, I found the escape I needed and through singing a way to express myself, I learned I could share my feelings with people that were going through the same and maybe my music could somehow help reaching them, I knew I wanted to this forever.

What is the most challenging thing about being a singer?
Music is a very hard world to be in, the constant competition, the million opportunities/ difficulties that you must face, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but in music, your attitude most prevail. Music is a daily commitment and an investment both financially and emotionally but it comes down to being in the right place at the right time.
It’s about not missing opportunities, even small… a beach is made or trillions of sand grains.
It takes a lot of sacrifice and courage to hear “NO” and doors shutting down on you, In this field it is about perseverance and hard hard work, it always comes down to being as complete as possible, and never underestimate the power of confidence and attitude.
The most challenging thing is that you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd and really find a spot of your own.

What is a typical day in the recording studio like?

Almost everyday at the studio is different, sometimes I go early in the morning, sometimes very late at night and it can be a simple two hour session (rarely happens) or a 5 hour non stop recording session.
If we have already recorded the main instruments and lead vocals, we listen to the song and we then move to the backing vocals recording, this takes time since it’s about making the song feel complete and fill in the gaps that need an extra boost.
If the song is still in the making, me and my producer work around the lyric and melody I have thought about and its time for us to start building it up together, recording take by take even if it needs to be 10x each verse thats what we need to do.

What advice would you give your younger self?
The biggest advice is: don’t feel disappointed with yourself when you could not make it that day, new days will come and no matter what always hold your head high and believe in you.
So work hard, never allow yourself to regret for not taking the chance because we make the life we want, it’s up to us to create our own opportunities.

What’s your favourite artist and song?

My favourite artist of all times is Alicia Keys and her song “If I Ain’t Got You” has been my life soundtrack and the beginning of my singing dream.

Bea in the studio
In the studio


Bea pop star with her mother
Mother and Daughter


Did you always know Bea would become a musician in the public eye?
We always knew from a very young age that she was an artist of some sort, we were not sure how that would evolve but she always sang around the house, tried to learn lots of different instruments and always had a great passion for writing. Only later when she had more confidence in herself, we saw she was taking that path.

Parents tend to worry about their kids… What has been the biggest challenge so far of the path she’s chosen?
Sure we worry everyday, still now, it is a very difficult industry where competition is fierce and chance and opportunity go hand in hand with talent. It was a challenge to make her understand that she needed a backup plan, we have always incentivised her to study and be prepared. She went to university and made science of communication which actually is also a very special interest in her life.

What makes you most proud about having a singer for a daughter?
It makes me proud to see every day how she believes in her dream and in herself, she is a fighter which overcome so much during her life, she rises every day with hope and determination. She does what she loves and she sticks to it no matter what.

What kind of support do you help Bia with, morally, emotionally, physically?
Bia (Bea) is a very tender and caring human being, she has her priorities in the right order, family is top of the list. We are very close and we make sure we are together very often to guarantee the balance she needs.

A piece of advice to parents whose children embark in a career in the media industry?
As we all live in such a material and competitive world, we tend to think we know what is best for our kids, the normal is to make university degree and go straight to work so you can start earning for yourself. The decision to follow a career in the media industry is somehow disturbing and not conventional.
I think that one has the right to follow the dream but as parents it is our responsibility to prepare them for world through education and values.

Bea, aged 4
Bea with her brothers David and Daniel
Bea and her brothers David and Daniel


Bea’s Videos:

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