I welcome two ladies with delicious names today. Oona is a highly spirited trilingual kid  filled with curiosity. She loves her Isadora Duncan dance class, anything to do with a pool, playing at the park with her friends, and drawing monsters and rabbits. Jeanne Omlor her mother is an artist, actress and author of  www.bellissimakids.com.


What do you want to be when you grow up a dancer and an artist

What makes you happy or laugh When Mama does art projects with me or tickles me

What makes you sad or angry When Mama doesn’t do what I want

Your favourite films and books Dumbo, Sleeping Beauty, Le Ballon Rouge

Your favourite animal Monkey

The best holidays you ever had Montauk. We went to the beach. We went in the pool. We went to a restaurant and had ice-cream and our friends George and Dan read lots of books to me

A place that you would dream to visit Morocco to visit my friend Nadine

Your favorite outfit My jacket and skirt (Kicokids)

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe My fluffy collar (Monamici faux-fur collar)

The next item you would be happy to get I want a purple shirt

Something you did recently that you really loved I went to the play, “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble”. I liked it because we have the book and Sylvester said, “Make the rain stop” and it stopped, and then he said, “Make the rain start” and then it started again. That was funny.

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it right now? I would wave it so I could be in Montauk right now


Your favourite children’s brands There are so many and I have different faves for different occasions and love discovering new/original brands so they keep multiplying. Here’s a mélange: Kicokids, Caramel Baby, Le Vestiaire de Jeanne, Ode Kids, Pink Chicken, Jottum, Catimini, Kidscase, Jumina, Chloé, Oilily, Jean Bourget, Little Marc Jacobs.

Your favourite children’s stores Sweet William in the lower East Side, the new Bonpoint flagship shop, FAO Schwartz, the Eloise shop in the Plaza Hotel

What do you buy online? Tons of books for all of us usually from Amazon, clothes when they aren’t available in person, art/craft supplies, fabrics. You can also find me trolling Ebay from time to time for all sorts of things. I also love Etsy and spend far too much time on there.

A website that inspires you Lost at E Minor (www.lostateminor.com)

Latest item you added to your Oona’s wardrobe No Added Sugar dress

Most precious item you bought for your child Well, she is only four so “Diamonds Aren’t The Girl’s Best Friend”, although I consider the books we give her to be single precious gems!

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day A digital piano

Items that are hard to find That perfect vintage toy

Favourite pieces in your child’s wardrobe An Oilily dress that reminds me of a Louis 14th number, a Clayeux jacket with a very accentuated hood, Jottum skirt

The book on your bedside table I read several books at a time and also read to my girls in my bed, so at the moment, Stravinsky’s Lunch by Drusilla Modjeska, Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves by Naomi Aldort, and a stack of kids’ books

A film that you saw recently and that stayed with you? “The Lives of Others” a German film directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. Based in East Germany in the German Democratic Republic, it reminded me to appreciate the freedom we have as artists that we take for granted and just freedom in general. The acting was also superb.

The film that you love to see with the whole family? The Wizard of Oz

An unforgettable place you’ve travelled to A few: The Village of Goreme in Turkey – like a fairytale, Island of Kauai in Hawaii – especially the magical helicopter ride over the island, the Outer Hebrides in Scotland – so haunting and wild

The ideal place for a family summer holiday Anywhere with a fantastic beach two minutes away, good food, friendly people and a slow pace, such as Golden Beach on the Greek Island of Paros