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Otto is a true original–his imagination is a vast playground of ideas and thoughts. A lover of legos, monkey bars and hats, he marches to his own drummer. Big brother to Rowan, 2, he leads the way on adventures with unbridled enthusiasm and always a unique twist. Rowan is a very willing disciple! Mother of the two boys, Amy Augustine was crazy about kids long before she had kids of her own. After spending the first part of her twenties touring with a theater company all over the world, Amy joined forces with flora and henri in 1997. With a background in theatre and costume design, she has always been interested in design and fashion and how to make something out of nothing. Now head of product development at f&h, she has also started her own jewelry line ‘OR’ in 2008.


What do you want to be when you grow up I want to be a Super Hero like Crypto the Super Dog

Your favorite famous person Pee Wee Herman

What makes you laugh My Mom

What makes you angry When Rowan takes something from me or ignoring

Your favorite books Frog and Toad

Your favorite films My Neighbor Totoro and Toy Story 3

Your favorite animal Pigs!

The best holidays you ever had I just really, really like to go to Coleman Pool (historic salt water pool at Lincoln Park in West Seattle)

A place that you would dream to visit Africa

Who chooses your clothes in the morning Sometimes me, sometimes Dad and sometimes my Mom

Your favorite color Aquamarine

Your favorite outfit Jeans and a long sleeve shirt

What is the piece you like the most from your wardrobe My jean jacket and my flatter hat

The next item you would like to get Maybe a new hat, or fast shoes


Your favorite children’s brands flora & henri, mor mor rita, Petit Bateau, Makie, agnes b.

Your favorite children’s stores flora and henri, Pomme, Tottini, Oona L’Ourse, agnes b.

Do you buy a lot online for your children and what are your favorite e-stores I do buy a lot online, it’s sometimes easiest for me with the schedule we all keep. I love Tadashop! And Nonchalant Mom for online stores and have also really utilized Ebay to track down a bargain or two of my favorite lines

A website that inspires you

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children Since I have two boys, I feel it has to be extremely wearable and preferably without too much “stuff” on it  (logos or huge pockets) and I love a little more streamlined silouette verses the “oversized”, baggy, boy fit

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe Liberty print swimtrunks from flora and henri—they can wear them as trunks or shorts

Most precious item you bought for your child Vintage, wooden Pinocchico puppet.  And, the sweetest pair of pale gray leather pull on boots from Oona L’Ourse

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day I make all kinds of crazy things—and was making stuffed, felt robots for awhile—I gave one to one of my best friend’s sons and he couldn’t understand why the robot wouldn’t do anything when he pressed it’s buttons.  I also make jewelry and love to give the little girls something with as many beads on it as the year of the birthday

Items that you find hard to find Slim fitting short sleeve tees

Favorite pieces in Otto’s wardrobe flora and henri skinny barn jeans, Petit Bateau jean jacket, Stella McCartney for Gap Henley tee

What book is on your bedside table Cutting for Stone (highly recommend!)

Where are you going for the summer holidays End of August we are headed to Maui to celebrate my 40th birthday


flora & henri, mor mor rita, Petit Bateau, Makie, agnes b., Pomme, Tottini, Oona L’Ourse, Stella Mc Cartney for Gap