Rose, Penelope (2 years old), Thierry and Anne live in Cannes, in a beautiful villa overlooking the sea, surrounded by lavender and olive trees. Rose is an early bird but she’s so nice to the rest of the family that she reads quietly in bed (sometimes for more than an hour) until everyone wakes up. She loves creating all sorts of objects with plants, flowers and other materials gathered in her wanderings. Anne, who shares a passion for literature with her daughter, is also a painter (see her blog here).


What do you want to be when you grow up I would like to create perfumes

What is your favourite famous person Pocahontas

What makes you happy or laugh When I do pirouettes or hand stands in the water, when I eat ice creams

What makes you sad When I have an argument with my friends or with my mum.  Also when I have a hard time with my multiplications

Your favourite book Les livres de La cabane magique

Your favourite films La folie des grandeurs, with Louis de Funès; also Fantomas, still with De Funes

Your favourite animal The rabbit

The best holidays you ever had Last week end in Carces (Var). The place was so beautiful; we went to the market, my mum bought me a beautiful dress and I played with dogs

A place that you would dream to visit Hawaï because there are many  turtles to see out there. Or Mount Fuji because I’d like to see the snow on top and the flowers around.

Your favorite outfit Pale pink shorts with purple spaghetti strap top

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe My denim dress; it has suspenders

The next item you would be happy to get A camera to take pictures under the water

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it right now? I’d have a pet, a rabbit or a kitten


Your favourite children’s brands Bout’chou, Noro, IKKS, Troizenfants, 100drine, Petit Bateau

Your favourite children’s stores Meric boutique (Toulouse), Balouga and Petit Pan in Paris

What do you buy online? I don’t buy very often online, most of the time books, accessories and clothes. I visit regularly , for all they have, especially DVDs, noren, colouring books and shopping bags

A website that inspires you because of their fantastic note books and papers (it is more for me than for Rose…)

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children Practicity for her when putting it in and for me when washing it. Also spontaneous buying act as long as it is well made

Last item you added to Roses wardrobe Oncle Edouard’s shoes for the start of the new school year

Most precious item you bought for your child I suppose a pair of Repetto patent leather ballet shoes Rose implored me to buy

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day I usually try to buy what will make the child happy instead of buying what I consider to be “the good gift” for him. The last time was a book of Michael Jackson for a 8 years old boy friend of Rose

Items that are hard to find Cute school bags!

Favourite pieces in your Rose’s wardrobe A Bonpoint hell pink vintage short. A yellow rabbit lamp bought 5 years ago in a Vibel store, designed by Igor Paris

The book on your bedside table You mean “the books…”, the ones I am actually reading “Le Bonheur selon Confucius” by Yu Dan, “Le zen dans l’art chevaleresque du tir à l’arc” by Herrigel and the comic “Nietsche, se créer liberté” by Onfray and Leroy, and the next coming books already waiting on my bedside table : “La tache” by Philip Roth, “La tante Julia et le scribouillard” by Mario Vargas Llosa and “Petit traité de vie intérieure” by Fréféric Lenoir

An unforgettable place you’ve travelled to 4 days in Rome with my lover (my husband) 1 week before Christmas. It was a positive energy developed everywhere by everybody. Also visiting the MOMA in New York, always a great pleasure

The ideal place for a family summer holiday I am lucky to live by the sea all year long and also to have family in the countryside, so, during summer, we escape the crowdy sandy beaches of the French Riviera to join the green grass and small smelly paths of Dordogne and Ariège (South West of France). Over there, we hike, ride, climb …and we also come across different animals during our journeys like donkeys and horses…