Playtime Paris

What’s up Playtime?

Lots of exciting things going on for Playtime, the most creative and dynamic children's trade shows in Paris, New York and Tokyo : PlayWithDesign is back in Paris - Playologie, a virtual trade show and fantastic B2B tool is in preparation (launching in June 2014) - Playtime…



Brand name : NORO - Company name : NORO Website : Date of creation : January 2007 Country of origin : France - Countries of production : Madagascar, France, Perou Name of owners : Maxime and Claire Lefort

Noro, preview

Carmen, 8 years old – Vigo, Spain

Sonia Alonsodescribes her daughter Carmen as "a girl who loves to sew & to draw, who is also very friendly & responsible with homework". We all want kids like that! While carmen is drawing and sewing, Sonia can focus on her well documented website  about kid's fashion,…

Rose, 7 years old – Cannes, France

Rose, Penelope (2 years old), Thierry and Anne live in Cannes, in a beautiful villa overlooking the sea, surrounded by lavender and olive trees. Rose is an early bird but she's so nice to the rest of the family that she reads quietly in bed (sometimes for more than an hour)…