Sessi (Sophia) loves ballet, being creative , adventuring , she is incredibly curious and asks questions about everything. Her mother Carla de Reyes Mezbur is the Co-founder of  Sisters Guild ( blogger ( and full time mum to Sessi (Sophia) 4 and Oona 2.


What do you want to be when you grow up A ballet teacher

What is your favourite famous person Do you mean daddy?

What makes you laugh Oona (little sister) makes me laugh

What makes you sad or angry The giving tree (a book by Shel Silverstein), and when people are mean

Your favorite book ‘The magic faraway tree’ and ‘Alice in wonderland’

Your favorite film The wizard of Oz

Your favorite animal The deer

The best holidays you ever had Mauritious (this spring) because I found that really big shell

A place that you would dream to visit ‘Africanistan’ because I can ride an elephant and sleep in the desert!

Who chooses your clothes in the morning Well, I have to wear school uniform but on the weekends I chose my clothes and Oonas too Sometimes you (mum)  let me choose yours too

Your favourite color Yellow

Your favourite outfit My stripy all-in-one we got on holiday and flip flops

The next item you would like to get Bunk-beds so Oona can sleep in my room. But I will sleep on the top in case she falls out

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it right now? I would make rainbows appear in our house


Your favorite children’s brands Hucklebones, ilovegorgeous, Noa Noa, little duckling and anything with liberty fabric!

Your favorite children’s stores Benjamin Pollocks toy shop in Covent Garden, and I have to admit I shop at our own boutique all the time for the girls, myself and friends children too. Its difficult not to when I love everything we house

Do you buy a lot online ? Absolutely. Online shopping is heaven for busy mums,  I love etsy, space Nk, amazon is great for books, and ocado is my weekly pantry hero

A website that inspires you There are so many people creating inspiring blogs and every day I find something new I love. Our own blog inspires me to be creative and to pass on ideas and inspiration. Imagination is contagious

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children What it is made from, its detail, the story behind the collection, how it make the girls feel and if it might get handed down

Latest item you added to Sophia’s wardrobe She has the biggest selection of clothing as she loves clothes and I want to indulge this feminine side to her. I just made her some fabric wings in our Monday Makery and before that a Damselfly dress (

Most precious item you bought for Sophia I’m very sentimental so everything seems precious as everything has a story. Perhaps her scrapbook where she keeps mementos of her life

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day I think the parties are always the best gift. Last year we had an Alice in wonderland party and its one I know Sophia will never forget. Perhaps It’s cheesy but memories are the best gift you can give

Items that are hard to find Girls shoes that are neither too school like or glittery and over the top

Favorite pieces in Sessi’ss wardrobe A clothkits dress that used to be mine when I was the same age

The book on your bedside table Always a notebook for when I can’t sleep and need to jot down my late night creative ideas. A pile of the childrens books that we read on a lazy Sunday morning

An unforgettable place you’ve travelled to The Maldives; my first holiday with Eldar for all those falling deeply madly in love memories and then going back with Sessi when she was very little

The ideal place for a family summer holiday Grannies garden in the west country, we’ve taken the girls all over the world but the one place they love best is the adventures in Grannies garden. Putting up Bedouin tents, magic carpet rides and all the journeys of their imagination