The New Voyager guides by Emma Swinscoe have just added Lisbon to their city collection, after Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Paris. “The New Voyager in Lisbon” highlights the city’s stunning assets: its connection to the sea, its incredible views, its historical art scene and ever so delicious food!


The playful illustrations by Rafaela Rodrigues reflect the colors and essence of Lisbon while guiding children and adults (with a forever young mind!) through this fascinating city.
From a day trip to Costa da Caparica to a green urban escape at Estufa Fria, while tasting the best ice cream in the city, The New Voyager in Lisbon offers a unique and off the beaten path outlook on Lisbon.

Printed locally in Lisbon, with love and care, it is the fourth map of a collection of joyful and arty guides written and designed specifically for children. Our vision? That children become active leaders of their families’ adventures and grow up as independent and curious travelers. We feel it is way more fun for them to explore a city, if they can hold their own map and lead the way to exciting places!

Each address is represented by a small icon, that children can then look for on the illustration. Our city guides are all initially hand-painted by a local artist.

The illustrated side of the guide can then be framed or pinned up as a souvenir of the trip. We could not think of a better way to treasure a journey and cherish wonderful memories!

The New Voyager was created in 2014 by Emma Swinscoe when she lived in Los Angeles. A French journalist and traveler, she felt the need to create maps tailored for children, inspired by her daughters’ curiosity and her passion for illustration.

The New Voyager team is now growing and “The New Voyager in Lisbon” was edited with Álvaro Ramos, at the head of O Editorial, a content agency and the co-founder of Cabana, a beautiful online store dedicated to unique products made in Portugal and beyond.

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