A while back Tina Tuchinda replied to a question I posed about her company donating a proportion of all sales to support abused & neglected children. Tina’s answer , really struck a cord. … “A children’s company helping children….isn’t that just logical?”. Yes, it makes so much sense, and in fact there are many labels doing just that, forging their way with a social conscious, with either dedicated projects aimed at raising funds or donating a percentage of sales for children in need.

There are many reasons a consumer buys into a label, the design, the quality, a beautiful aestitic or the percieved lifestyle. The additional factor of a children’s fashion/design label “doing their bit” and actively pursuing a socially conscious objective is surely an additional reason to invest.

We take a look at some labels trying to make a diffence – a little bit can go a long way. Especially if we all do our bit!


Bobo Choses, Christmas jumper campaign

For Christmas 2017  Bobo designed a limited edition of four intarsia knitted jumpers for both kids and women. The jumpers were only available in the Bobo online store and a few selected stores around the world. For every jumper sold through their own online store they donated 2€ to Save the Children – Spain. Bobo Choses goal was to aid Save the Children – Spain in their colossal mission of caring for the most vulnerable children, so that they can achieve a brighter future. Bobo’s message ‘We strongly encourage you to do the same with your local Save the Children or other suitable NGO. Let’s have fun and make a change!’


Gorman x Save The Children, Kid’s spray jackets

Though not a children’s brand Australian favourite Gorman had the brilliant idea of producing a limited-edition release of kid’s spray jackets, available in the same much-loved prints as the adult range. The socially conscious label used four firm favourite prints from their adult range reducing them to a limited covetable mini range. With all proceeds from sales going to Save the Children. Gormans aim for the project is to reach its goal of raising $120,000 to support children in need. In fact if you look online they only have two of the four designs still available. Well done Gorman!

The Little Creative Factory #ToTheBrave

The Little Creative Factory

At the end of last year for the month of December The Little Creative Factory donated 10% of all their sales to support the #ToTheBrave campaign linked with the new SJD Pediatric Cancer Center in Barcelona. The aim of the campaign is to raise €30.000.000 to build the new SJD Pediatric Cancer – one of the largest child oncology centers in Europe. The Little Creative Factory’s message… ‘
Together we can fight this battle and make this dream come true!’ 

Find out more about the ongoing #ToTheBrave campaign, Click here.



Tuchinda’s passion for inspiring & protecting children


Helping abused and neglected children is a personal passion for Tuchinda co-founders Tina and Jay Tuchinda. They say its what gives soul and purpose to their business.  Tuchinda currently works with Children’s Rights in NYC. The charity works tirelessly on a policy level, to help bring about the laws that protect abused and neglected children in the foster system. They give a voice to the voiceless kids who go from one abusive family to another. Apart from creating the most wonderful children’s clothing the company provides Tina and Jay with a vehicle to give back, donating a portion of all sales to organizations that help abused and neglected children.

‘A children’s company helping children…isn’t that just logical’ 

If you are a label with a social conscious project that you would like us to support & promote please get in touch at hello@pirouetteblog.com