Balance bikes are now part of what seems to be every toddlers journey towards becoming a fully fledged cyclist. It’s hard for parents & children alike not to fall for Banwood’s balance bike. Both retro and modern mixed into a perfectly balanced recipe. There was a constant buzz around the Banwood’s stand at Playtime Paris last summer, their product is charming with a stylish look for those design loving parents and their offspring. In this #pirouette12watch winner’s interview we have the pleasure of chatting with one half of the design duo behind Banwood – Frida Jonsby.

Banwood balance bikes for kids.
Frida Jonsby & Juan Manuel Torralvo Castro, Co-founders Banwood

Hi Frida! What’s your background, and how did you get into design for the children’s market? I was born in Stockholm, Sweden where I studied and worked with interior design. I wanted to leave the city and experience something else. I decided to move to London where I did a BA degree in Marketing. I have always been curious to live in different places. I’m now based in Berlin where I met my partner. He grew up in industry family where his grandfather had his own factory. He spent most of  his time there growing up and learning about the manufacturing process.  He has since then been working in the industry with many years’ experience in product development.

The idea of Banwood occurred from a mutual interest in bikes and the idea of how we could implement that into something different. As well as a concern about the today’s children and how the new technology and screens is affecting them. Today’s children have far fewer opportunities to what we call “real play”. This is very worrying and have also been our main aim and inspiration to make our bikes.

Banwood balance bikes for kids. Available in 2 designs and 6 colours

What do you believe good kid’s design to be…? First of all, safe, it all comes down to our little ones. Second, a product that improves the child’s development as well as to entertain. We want to encourage an active lifestyle for the children. To play is the key for children’s growth and lays the foundation for adult life. We want to keep that magic of being active alive and support children’s growth in a playful way while creating happy childhood memories.

Where do you find your inspiration ? It all started with childhood memories. We believe there are very few brands out there creating a functional, comfortable bike designed specifically for children, that at the same time has a stylish design and attention to details. The design of our bikes is contemporary with a retro touch that makes you remember your own childhood.

Banwood balance bikes for kids. Contemporary design and retro style

Describe the Banwood range of products? We have two different models of our balance bikes, both are unisex and are designed in six carefully selected colours. We also have a collection of bike helmets made in a classic design in matching colours as well as vintage cycling caps.

What are the main materials you use? We are using rustic and durable high-end materials. The frame is made of steel and the handlebar of aluminium. The saddle and grips are made of vegan leather, a material suitable for all round weathers and easy to wipe off. Detachable wicker basket in rattan for packing the essentials in for a day’s adventure.

In how many countries can you find Banwood? We have first of all focused on the European market but are now starting to selling in selected stores all over the world.

Where would you like to take Banwood in the future? Banwood is constantly innovating and we have many ideas how we can develop our range of products. We will continue focus on children’s development and learning and continuing to develop our work with sustainability and become even better.

Any news from when we last spoke? We are very excited to tell you that you can now find the bikes exclusively at Barneys in NYC!

What Trade Shows will we find you next season? You will find us at Pitti Bimbo, Playtime Paris and Maison&Object *see below for locations

Finally, where will you keep your Pirouette One to Watch Wolf head piece award? I will wear it every night when I go to sleep haha ;)

Haha :-) ! 

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Banwoods First Go Bike comes in 6 colours price 159

* You can go say hello to Freida and see their fantastic range of balance bikes at

***One Tree Planted*** If you choose to order a bike, or a bike shelf from their website. Banwood will give a donation to OneTreePlanted, on your behalf. The organisation will then use their expertise to decide the best possible location for the tree you have just bought and make sure it grows :-)