Like it’s name Anchovy is a unique kids label with a very strong USP attributed to the brand. With an artistry at the foundation and imagery unlike no other this independent kids label is hard to miss during a trade show. Last Summer at Playtime New York the circle dresses from the ss18 collection ‘hiding from the sun’ really stood out slowly and memorisingly turning on the architecturally designed stand, with gradients of soft pastel colours. The uniqueness of this label is to be celebrated, oh and I forgot to say amongst all this artistry the pieces remain incredibly functional and wearable. We chat with designer and founder Giedre Kose.

Giedre Kose, founder & designer Anchovy


Hi Giedre! What’s your background and how did you get into design for the children’s market?  I’ve been into fashion and textiles since I remember myself. All my school notebooks were full of sketches. At home I would lie down on the floor and draw imaginary collections for hours. On weekends you would find me at flea markets searching for unusual textiles, clothes with interesting shapes. Everyone expected me to become a fashion designer. However, being a fashion designer was not considered a serious profession those days in Lithuania. So I chose to study sociology and spent 10 years in advertising afterwards. The birth of my daughter Juka was a perfect timing for changes and Anchovy the label was born.

What do you believe good kid’s design to be…? Innovative in its own way and made from a good fabric. ‘Kids grow so fast’ is not an argument for cheap clothes made from synthetic fibers. Clothes, same as books, toys and any other objects that surround our children, develop their sense of aesthetics. Especially clothes, because we spend half of our lives in them. I believe good kid’s design must be made from natural fibers and should trigger children’s desire to play and wear colors.

Where do you find you inspiration for your collections? In playing colors with our Anchovy app. It’s a fun tool that turns words into gradients simply by typing. I like starting a collection from a word or a phrase and see what color will it generate. I love experiments, random beauty and blending interdisciplinary things together like fashion, art and technology.

Describe the Anchovy range of products? Anchovy is a lifestyle brand. Currently, our main focus is kidswear, but I also create minimalistic modern jewelry and contemporary clothes for adults. In addition we have an app that allows people to create custom gradient postcards and send them to anywhere in the world (free download:

What are the main materials you use? Linen, silk, cotton, wool & words.

In how many countries can you find Anchovy? Lithuania, England, USA, South Korea, China. I am looking forward to start working with Japan!

Countries of manufacturing? Lithuania, which is known for beautiful linen textiles and talented knitters & weavers.

Where would you like to take Anchovy in the future? I would love to create bed-linen with gradients generated from our dreams while we sleep.

Any news from when we last spoke? Since I am fascinated by unusual textiles, I have a new obsession called Mud silk. It is buried under mud for up to two months that gives the silk fabric its buttery authentic texture. Mud silk is used in Anchovy’s AW18 collection which should be truly special.

What Trade Shows will we find Anchovy next season?  You’ll find me & Anchovy at Playtime Paris, booth #H06 on January 26-29. Looking forward to meet!

Finally, where will you keep your Pirouette One to Watch Wolf head piece award?
Wolf head is hanging on a bedroom wall reading my dreams for a new bedding project.

I knew it had special powers ;-)

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Trade shows AW18/19 selling period, Playtime Paris, 27-29th January 2018  stand H06

Photography Credits
SS18 ‘Hiding from the Sun’ collection pictures by Rasa Juskeviciute
Feature image by Chiara Santarelli
Portrait image  by Karolis Kosas