Looking for a fresh little discovery? City Goats was one of Pirouettes finds at the Kids Show in Paris. Ching Ching the designer and label founder has created a relaxed chic line, crafted with botanical dyes using organic cotton and sustainable to boot. Ching Ching will be showing the ss18 collection at Playtime Tokyo starting the 22nd of August so if your attending go say ‘hi’ we’re big fans of the ss18 colouring. So, Let’s hear a little from Ching Ching and then play spot the city goat in the AW17 photography, what’s not to love about this label.

A wild dream & love story from a mother

I gave birth to my daughter in 2013. The idea of City Goats came about when I couldn’t find the clothes I needed for her. Something that expresses deep gratitude towards nature and an appreciation for authentic, simple beauty. City Goats was created out of my love and admiration for this original being born thru me.

I grew up with medicinal herbs. My father and grandfather were traditional Chinese medicinal practitioners with 70 years of experience in the field. I inherited their love for health and medicinal herbs. The botanical dyes we selected to make each piece of City Goats are solely medicinally rich herbs for the best of a child’s healthy, sensitive skin and at the same time don’t harm people, soil, and ocean.

Spreading love is City Goats’ mission. From the selection of organic textile to dyeing processes, we care every little detail. We believe in the life cycle of nature, and we go about to care the end dyeing processes making sure wastes are filtered and can become reusable sources for farming purposes.

At City Goats, we consciously design authentic, timeless children’s clothing crafted with GOTS certified plant dyes and organic cotton with love and reverence. We believe a harmonious relationship between people and earth will bring freedom and joy to every day of our life.

Ching Ching, Designer and Label Owner City Goats


City Goats designer and founder Ching Ching

 City Goats – Connection AW17

According to Ching Ching “Connection” is a collection to celebrate the wonder and essence of botanical colors with baby & kid sand in return to enrich their senses and appreciation for authentic beauty and details. The design is an attempt to integrate the quality of wildness and sophistication into a state of healthy balance.

City Goats AW17 collection

City Goats AW17

City Goats AW17 collection Connection

City Goats AW17 collection Connection

City Goats AW17 collection Connection


City Goats AW17 collection Connection



City Goats is a modern kidswear label for slow living. Crafted with certified botanical dyes and organic cotton, the sustainable clothing line is designed to connect with nature, people and environments. In the new collection ‘Connection’, the whole child explores their surrounding spaces and open-ended objects in harmony and curiosity.

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