Where do our favourite childrenswear owners and designers go on holidays? Some destinations will make you dream, big time! Third part of the best summer 2013 holiday memories of cool families : Oeuf Clothier in South of France, Naif Magazine in Spain, Zid zid kids in Tangier, Pom d’Api in Les Cevennes, Agence Violette in Andalusia.

Repost from September 2013

Thanks for everyone for sending great photos and holiday memories! The last part of this Summer Holiday Stories will feature Lila&Tom, Jess Brown, Dandy Star, Zolima, Les Petits Chapelais, lmnop.

Oeuf, South of France

Where did you travel this summer? To South of France : Saint Paul de Vence, Eze, Uzes, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Villefranche, Saint Remy de Provence, Gordes, les Geoges du Verdon, Avignon and Pernes.

What it your first time there? No except for Pernes. We discover the wonderful medieval village Pernes les Fontaines where we visited La Maison Pernoise. A great concept store with a lovely owner, Lau.

What was the best about your adventures? The best is undisturbed family time. We laugh, we talk, we hold hands, we are just together. We just love being with those little people :) They are such experts in happiness. We follow their lead.

What did the children liked so much? Swimming in the Mediterranean sea at night, eating ice cream, practicing diving in the pool, reading, catching up with friends, playing cards, making stone sculptures.


Oeuf Holidays 1

Naif Magazine, Cuenca (Spain)

Where did you spend time this summer?  To several places, but I would emphasize a trip we did with our van to a fantastic little city in the interior of Spain called Cuenca.

 Was it a new discovery   I went when I was a kid, but I did not remember very much… so I wanted to go with my family and share the experience with them.

What did you especially like about it?  The old center of the city, placed in a hill between two rivers, full of narrow streets, fantastic middle-age buildings, square and churches, inspiring corners, fresh fountains, and incredible views of the landscape. We also visited some places in the surroundings like “lagunas de la cañada del Hoyo” which are water colored lagoons in the middle of nowhere.

 What will your daughter especially remember about the place?  She liked a lot a place called “la ciudad encantada”, which is a natural geologic park of kasrtic rocks that the water has moulded during centuries creating incredible shapes like huge animals… absolutely fantastic!


Naif Holidays

Zid zid kids, Tangier (Morocco)

What did you do this summer? We explored our new city and environment, which has so much to share, we are still discovering as we go. Our summer exploration list covers quite a bit, but we traveled around Tangier, Morocco where we are based, which includes the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Ocean, the Straight of Gibraltar and 18 kilometers away, Tarifa, Spain, which we see from our home every day.

 Did you know the area already? It was not our first time in Tangier, but it’s the first summer where we’ve had more time to discover the ocean regions in a more meaningful way. We spent time learning as many new beaches as we could, took up ocean fishing, and enjoyed sunset picnics (my fav) and had terrific food in hidden away gems of cafes and local restaurants. The beaches here are magnificent and for the most part empty, even in high season. And with summer quickly fading, we finally made a day trip over to Tarifa.

What is the best about Tangier and surroundings?  In addition to spectacular views and all the Tangier beaches, you can hop on a ferry to Tarifa, Spain and arrive in a completely new country after an breathtaking 35 minute boat ride. What made a day trip to Tarifa so unique was our children completely organized the day trip for us and it was their spontaneity that made it so much fun.

What did the children like so much about the place? It wasn’t so much about the place (Tarifa), but so much about the experience. Our kids who are 10 and 12 really loved organizing their parents for the trip, from getting up at dawn to cross the Straight in the big ferry, having their passports stamped, seeing their city of Tangier from the other side, to finding Moorish details in this old Spanish City, to noticing all the stark cultural differences while trying out a completely new language and foods. It was a cultural adventure that was 100% water, walking, exploration and language based. It was the perfect opportunity to let our kids try out being the global travellers they are becoming, all from the comfort of home, all in one day.

But interestingly enough, after the long day, they were so happy to be back to their home base of Tangier watching again Tarifa in the distance…


Zid zid kids Holidays

Zid Zid Kids Holidays 2

Pom d’Api, Cevennes

Where did you go for the summer break? We spent our holidays in the mountains in South of France. More precisely in a small village called Saint Germain de Calberte in the heart of the Cevennes.

Do you go there often? 

This is the third year we have gone there; we really fell in love with a small cottage we found on the web (Lou Alabrena, such a sweet name!) we rent every summer for a short amount of time.

What is special about  Saint Germain de Calberte?  

When have the chance to do a job that you love, it becomes a part of your personal life. It’s sometimes hard to disconnect! 
But this place is so perfect to relax, to spend time with family. That the best place to back to basics. And the landscapes are just amazing…

Did the children like it as well? 

Regarding children, our little boy, who is still in his mother’s belly for three more months, has enjoyed the pure mountain air…


Pom d'Api Holidays

Agence Violette, Andalusia

 Where did you go on holidays? Andalusia. We spent one week near the sierra Nevada, near a little town called Tabernas… lost in the desert.  And the second week near the town of Ronda, in a wonderful little b&b run by a lovely dutch lady – the Finca Naranja  which is situated in an isolated valley near the town of Ronda.

What it your first time there? Yes, it was my first time in Andalusia.

What did you particularly appreciate about it? It has a totally different pace…, it’s so peaceful and relaxed. The people are friendly, the food is good, beautiful scenery and lovely weather. And most of all, the night sky full of stars to gaze at.

What about the children; what was their favourite moment? Playing games in the pool.


Agence Violette Holidays