“With children so easily fixated by computers, mobile phones, mp3 players and game play consoles – and at an ever increasing early age – some parents are expressing concerns that their children are becoming socially withdrawn. There’s a worry that children will start to lose the social skills that are nurtured through traditional group play” says Carl Shaw, ‘Head Honcho’ of www.toyella.com.
Here’s Toyella’s top five toys that will encourage families to come together and improve their children’s interpersonal skills. For a better social life for our children…


Power-up £15.98

This new product powers traditional paper planes and gets children outdoors. A charger powers a propellor that will give you paper plane a flight time of up to 30 seconds. Parents and grandparents will pass on their paper craft knowledge and help keep a traditional activity alive.


Sweet Sweets matching game £16.98

Often parents can struggle to tempt children into traditional board games. This stylish pairs matching game has the draw of a sweet shop but without the E numbers. The clever, witty photography will appeal to grown-ups too and help this simple game become a great family favourite.


Fafu Andy £34.00

Part of a very original dress-up range from Iceland. ‘Andy’ can be worn in a poncho or a skirt form but the multitude of holes means children can push their imagination and experiment together with other dress forms or characters.


2181-sushi-2_4383b3b469ca478d41b12ad1dc1f3c19Oskar & Ellen Sushi set £25.99

Pretend play sets naturally bring children together. They role play, interact, learn to stretch their imagination and develop habits for sharing and compromise. This fabric sushi set is a fantastic contemporary alternative to traditional themes.


STOCS £99.98

Unique construction equipment from Holland for six to 12 year olds. The clever cord covered construction pieces allow children to work together to engineer three dimensional objects and hideaways. As the architects of their own buildings they’ll naturally move on to role play adventures within them.

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