Brand name : MASH Junior – Company name : Acon S.p.A.

Date of creation : 1974

Country of origin : Italy – Country of production : Italy

Name of owner/founders : Ambrosini family

N. of employees : 80

Number of sales points : 650 in Italy and around 100 abroad

3 stores that are loyal to you :

  1. “QUICK QUACK” – Capena Via Tiberina Km 18400 – 00060 Capena (Rm) – Italy
  2. “KIDS WAY TRADING EST” – Riyadh – KSA
  3. “TORGOVYI SOYUZ” – Moscow – Russia

Where to find the brand online? :

Own e-store ?  Not yet, but launching soon

Company statement or tag line : Clothes full of personality, for playful, energetic and carefree children.

What makes the brand unique? : Creative designs made with quality, versatile materials and presented in a wide range of colours

A quote from a client or journalist? : “I’ve never wished so hard that a kids coat came in my size! The fabric, the stitching and the details were all perfection.” – Sherry Rickmeier,

How many pieces per collection : Between 120 and 130

Main materials used : Cotton, wool and polyester

Your trade show planning for next season? : PITTI BIMBO – FLORENCE June 2012

Plans for the future : To develop the South American and Asian markets