She’s a photographer and she lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her full name is Maria Eugenia Alvarez Colodrero, but you can call her Maru.  Not a mum yet, Maru  has 2 nieces and 1 nephew that she loves sooo much: Serena 1year, Francesca 2 years, Pedro 6 years. She takes pictures for magazines and brands, but she also spends time working on commissions and personal projects. The right person to ask about kid’s fashion in Argentina

Maru, what did you want to be when you were little?
I always played as a child to be a teacher. In fact I did: during 2009 and 2010 I assembled a creative photography course for children and I had a lovely experience whith them
What did you end up studying?
I studied film, Image and Sound Design. Then some years of scenery and costumes and different courses supplement : Art and Fashion Photography, Digital Art, Graphics, Art Direction, Script Writer…
What are the cool Argentinian children’s brands and stores?
In Argentina there are very nice brands of national industry for children and adults, and the independent design grew a lot in recent years with very interesting proposals on clothing, furniture and objects. Also what started to happen is that adults brands began designing children’s lines with a very pretty result. I’m not a fashion consumer specifically but I have my preferences in terms of image, concept and design of some cool brands. So here’s my top 10:

1 –Pesqueiratm – I like the style so happy!!! (adults/children)

2- Cora Groppo –  Adult’s only – (I don t use it ) but  I like it for its innovative style, and because you can feel the study and the work behind each design just by looking. And I  like the style used in their campaigns

3- Complot –  Its for woman and they have a funny girls line. It is a brand with which I identify and use quite a lot. Price, quality and design. The rock, film and the arts are their source of inspiration. The kid’s line is called Mini Complot

4- Felix, for men & child – I like their style in general

Paula Cahen D’Anvers – Sophisticated brand for woman and child . I like the childrens line

7- Kom –  I LOVE IT, because of their FUN patterns!!

7- Grisino – for children; I like it because it is clasic and colorful.Fun play clothes! website:

8- Retacha – Children’s little brand;  I love their stamps!!

9- Pioppa –  Children’s brand

10 Akiabara / Little Akiabara

People like to dress a lot in Buenos Aires; do parents dress their kids as well? What type of style do they dress them in? Yes they do. I think there is a strong tendency to get away from pink and blue; there are lots of proposals that are out of that format. But It is also true that many parents love it, then I do not think that it can or have to disappear. There is a lot of variety in Buenos Aires: you can see all kind of styles in the streets

What are your favorite non-Argentinian children’s brands?

I like very much between other brands Dino e Lucia, Stella McCartney Kids, Kenzo kids,  Burberry kids , Chinche, Mini Rodini, Scotch & soda kids and… many of them!!!!

Your favorite places in the world?

Every place that I know has its charm. I love Argentina, its a great country , we have  all climates and landscapes. Buenos Aires is a beautiful, cosmopolitan, artistic and cultural city. I like veryyy much London, fell in love with Edinburgh, history and power of Rome, The art of Florence. The noise and chaos of Caracas,Venezuela. I dont know, places are so linked to experiences that is difficult to choose

Your favorite Argentinian writer?

I watch movies more than I read, that’s my favorite hobby. I love movies. And I like very much Argentinian movies and directors such as Lucrecia Martel, Eliseo Subiela. I buy many books, but art and photography books from everywhere. From my childhood my favorite Argentinian book is “Dailan Kifky”, by Maria Elena Walsh. And adulthood there are many but I always have present “El tunel” by Ernesto Sábato; coincidentally, both authors died this year

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