Mini Rodini x FILA launch – interview with founder Cassandra Rhodin

Today on Pirouette I’m talking with ‘the’ pioneer in sustainable and ethical kidswear, founder of Mini Rodini Cassandra Rhodin. Launched in 2006 Cassandra’s colourful designs are loved throughout the world by both parents and children. In fact in Sweden they are the…

Charlie & Lu

New Bricks & Mortar Store ‘Charlie & Lu’ opens in Essen

More evidence that the rejuvenation of bricks & mortar is underway. Paade Mode have just opened their flagship store in Riga. Carmel London has a new location on Madison Avenue in New York whilst at the weekend Charlie & Lu opened a new store in Essen. In a recent panel…

Babesta NY : Space Odyssey

Tribeca store Babesta (downtown New York), is also an e-store that runs a magazine called Babesta Beat. Their latest story "Space Odyssey", styled by Michel Onofrio, features cool city kids in some of the most creative childrenswear brands of the moment. 

Playtime Paris

What’s up Playtime?

Lots of exciting things going on for Playtime, the most creative and dynamic children's trade shows in Paris, New York and Tokyo : PlayWithDesign is back in Paris - Playologie, a virtual trade show and fantastic B2B tool is in preparation (launching in June 2014) - Playtime…

In conversation with Jenn, Store Owner, NY

Mother of Amina and Camille, owner of children's store, Jennifer Cattaui was also, until very recently, Chief Editor at Earnshaws Magazine.  A tax lawyer by profession, Jenn took a pretty non-traditional career path after September 11 : she became

On the success of Scandinavian Brands

Since I moved from the US to the UK four years ago, I was struck by the strong presence of Scandinavian brands, by their huge success - almost a cult thing one might say. I started asking around for the reasons of such a success; the words “comfortable, functional, fun, honest,…

Theo, 5 and half years old – Torrelodones (near Madrid), Spain

Theo likes cars a lot but prefers classic cars to modern ones and the co-driver seat to the driver seat. Theo is a very romantic, calm and diplomatic boy. Annika his mum is the founder and owner of Noñoño, a Spanish kids’ clothing brand.

Want To be a Star?

Enter the Star System with ! Red Star Body Bobo Choses, Star Crayons Colour me Fun, Super Star Dream Blanket Aden&Anais, 

Lautaro, 7 years old and Madison, 5 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Here's a boy who loves little cars, and can spend a lot of time playing with his huge collection. But Lautaro is also curious about what’s going on in his environment. He recently passed his first English exam; he was standard-bearer and won a history contest in school.

New e-store, made in Switzerland

  . Name of…

What’s up in Argentina? Ask Maru!

She's a photographer and she lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her full name is Maria Eugenia Alvarez Colodrero, but you can call her Maru.  Not a mum yet, Maru  has 2 nieces and 1 nephew that she loves sooo much: Serena 1year, Francesca 2 years, Pedro 6 years. She takes…

Interview of a retailer : Kidding / Beirut, Lebanon

Name of the store : KIDDING Name of the owners :…