Brand name : DOUUOD (Doudou, pronounced dwoodwoo) – Country of origin :  Italy

Created in : 2006

Name of the founders : Patrizia Boscherini, Elisabetta Mambelli

Sales points : 5 flagship stores, 200 multibrand stores worldwide – Multibrands includePupi Solari (Milano), Sciuscià (Napoli), San Carlo (Torino)

Style : Easy to wear and chic items for every day life

Categories  : Woman, Kids 0/14 year, shoes, accessories

What makes the brand stand out? Innovative in its simplicity.A romantic, simple and classical collection but with a constant attention to fashion trends – 100% Made in Italy high-end fashion product with a good balance between quality and prices

A quote from a client or journalist? Pupi Solari (famous and wonderful store in Milan) said that DOUUOD is a beautiful collection with a very good sell out

How many pieces per collection: About 150

Materials used : Jersey, popeline, silk, knitwear, pure cotton, sweatshirt, batiste, cashmere, satin, denim – manufacturing is strictly made in Italy.