New in the galaxy of e-stores, is dedicated
 to beautiful objects made with time, passion and dedication. Yaya Lala is also a brand of children’s shoes handmade 
by a small group of skilled artisans in Brazil

Founder of Yaya Lala, Adriana Conde Betts studied  Architecture and Fashion Design after she obtained a BA in Business Administration. She co-owned an atelier of women’s clothes in Rio De Janeiro for four years before moving to London with her husband, a Swedish and British descendant.

“Since I can remember I was always making, inventing or reinventing something. I remember for example how I used to paint my prescription glasses a different colour each week (driving my mum crazy), or all the birthday invitations and even toys I made for my younger sister.  Being born and raised in Brazil (I’m from Rio de Janeiro), such a prolific country, and coming from a family of culture enthusiasts I feel as this creative stream has accompanied me throughout my life” says Adriana.- Yayalala

The name Yaya Lala relates to Brazilian colonial 
times when Yaya (“Iaia”) was used to refer to a Lady or a Miss, while Lala
 is how my three year old daughter  Clara calls herself. It covers linguistic aspects and it also embodies the brand’s essence : a refreshing 
balance between old and new.

- Yayalala

“We had in mind staying in London for 2 or 3 years max but it’s been 9 years and only now have I felt the opportunity to once again translate my sensibility towards a life long passion for design. Yaya Lala is the result of that. After the birth of my daughter I was naturally involved in the children’s universe and aesthetics. I also wanted to work with these talented artists that are often annihilated by mass production so I saw that by designing shoes I could achieve all that. I design the shoes which are then handmade by a group of artisans in São Paulo, Brazil. We have partnered with some other artisans as well to carry their own brand on an exclusive product at Yaya Lala’s website, as Machado Handmade from Portugal for example. “Handmade” is the main focus but we will also offer some other products that incorporate the tradition, the meticulosity in the making”. Slow fashion it is.

Prices for Yaya Lala shoes range from £89 to £98. The shoes that are currently on the website will be available until the beginning of 2014,  when a new mini collection will arrive.