We were dreaming about it, Kid & Coe made it : a beautifully designed website offering  family friendly places to rent around the world. The selected properties are child-friendly and come with a guide of what to do – where to eat – what to see in the area, compiled by the families who own the properties. Interview with Zoie Kingsbery Coe founder of Kid & Coe.

Kid & Coe - Zoie and Family

Kid & Coe in 4 words?

Fresh, Simple, Adventure, Global

What’s the thing you like the best when you arrive in a rented property?

I love the novelty of it – going to the local supermarket is one of my favourite things to do, stocking a fridge, preparing for the week and spending some time making us all feel at home. I also love the way you get an insight into how other people live.

Have you stayed in some of the houses featured on the site? Can you tell us more?

Yes – I stayed in the Regent’s Park Residence in London over the summer with my family and it was a real joy. One of the great things about it was seeing the tricks another mom uses to make her life and her family life tick. The place had adorable plates at kid level so the children could lay the table and a lovely bath product that the mother recommended to me. I just love that. Getting tips on the best places to have a Sunday lunch nearby were amazing too – we felt like we were living like a local family.

KidandCoeRegents Park 2

KidandCoeRegents Park 1


Is there one from the list that you are planning to rent in the future?

Any of them! I have my eye on the Hobbacott Lane Residence  and the Quay Road Villa in particular as I’ve been wanting to visit Cornwall for a long time. My husband pines for countryside life and would love it.

Quay Road Villa, Cornwall, dining room

Hobbacott Lane Cornwall bedroom

Hobbacott Lane Cornwall dining room

A destination that is not yet on the list and that you would love to see added pretty soon?

Patagonia – it’s just so wild and untamed. To me, it’s off the beaten path and I’d love to have a family adventure there.

The places where you were born and bred? And the place where your heart belongs?

I was born in San Francisco and grew up in Georgia and Florida. I’ve also lived in London and now live in New York. My heart, though, belongs to Ibiza  – a destination coming soon to Kid & Coe.

Kid & Coe

Your favourite spots near your home, alone or with the kids?

Washington Square Park is a favourite spot with the kids because there are always musicians or performers.  My kids love to sit on a park bench in sun and watch this classically-trained pianist play – he wheels out his piano into the middle of the park, sits down and plays! On my own – I love trying new restaurants in the area with friends, but a firmly loved classic is Il Buco.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 09.38.12

The hardest part in launching Kid & Coe? And the best one?

It’s been challenging working with flexible schedules on multiple time zones – we have a team in the UK as well as a head office in NYC – but we’re making it work. The best thing is that we’ve assembled a team of self starters and we’re all really excited by the project and are making it happen.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 09.39.02Kid & Coe’s work team: friends, former colleagues, geeks, bloggers or a mix?

All of the above! David, our director of customer services, had worked with me on another project, but everyone else came together in an organic way as we grew. We’re a great team, and we all unite under the common passion of travel, adventure and trying new things.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 09.39.46

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