You have probably heard about the “Doudou Project”, a photographic event created by Davina Zagury. Doudou is the French word for security blanket and Davina has been capturing children with their most treasured possessions for the past 7 years. We really treasure the photo that Davina took of my daughter Jasmine at the store Pomme, when she was just 18 months. Jasmine lost her beloved Doudou, a hand knitted blue and white blanket, but she keeps remembering it because of the portrait hanging on the wall by her bed.

This time, the “Doudou Project” will be hosted at Maison Bonpoint,  805 Madison Avenue (March 10th&11th). You need to book your session, and you can do so by clicking here.  For additional inquiries: cell: 914 671 3735.