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Raquel Chicheri @raquelchicheri

My work

… Create, observe, transmit, study and learn incessantly, listen, rack my brains, combine colors, imagine perspectives, tell stories, work hard, dream, combine elements and different planes, spend hours in front of the computer, be myself, be inspired, block myself, get excited, break cameras and lenses, spend my savings on photographic equipment… But mainly my job is to have fun doing what I love, taking pictures.


Masters in Play
Masters in Play @mastersinplay
Verbena SS21 The Campamento
Verbena SS21 The Campamento @thecampamento
El Barrio AW20 The Campamento
El Barrio AW20 The Campamento @thecampamento
Catalin's World - Kodak Portrait 35mm
Catalin’s World – Kodak Portrait 35mm

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