How do you like your pancakes?

I like them thin crêpe style – classical with lemon and sugar, Molly likes hers the American way with blueberries syrup and butter. Cover model Perseus prefers hers just with strawberries. Edite from Paade Mode eats hers with raspberry jam, whilst child model Malina dips hers in condensed milk. Pol from the Animals Observatory has them topped with Pistachio, and Alexandra from Raspberryplum likes her pancakes savoury with melted cheddar cheese, mushrooms and spinach.

For the Perfect Crepe

110g Plain Flour
a pinch of salt
1 Medium Egg
1 egg Yolk
290ml milk
15ml oil


LENIO waistcoat YELLOW €100,00 Anja Schwerbrock 

MUSTARD TANK Tambere $48.00 The Little Red Planet

Feature image credits

Calendar KIDs Covers for @pirouetteblog
Photography @mollymagnuson
AD/ Stylist @katiestylo
HM @cleliabergonzoli
Graphics @designlark
Model Perseus @perseusneal

Waist coat & jacket SS20 Anja Schwerbrock @anjaschwerbrock