Dutch photographer Fiona Ruhe always loved fashion and photography, since a young age. Her style can be described as romantic with a rebellish rough touch. When it comes to children, Fiona often plays with vegetal and animal elements,  which gives her photos an uplifting and fresh twist.

“As a fashion photographer my work belongs to a tradition of posture and elegance, effortlessly making it modern and natural. I love to work with my Analog polaroid camera and still use it for commercial or editorail clients. I feel that a good picture is a result of good teamwork and I love the excitement it brings”. Says Fiona.

Fiona (mother of a young daughter) lives near Amsterdam, and she just returned from Portugal where she worked with Team Production Portugal.

Your favourite places in Amsterdam, with children?
 It’s great to visit the Zoo in Amsterdam, Artis. And we have an awesome technology Musea for kids called Nemo.
What did you like about Portugal when you took a trip there with Team Production Portugal?
The peacefulness, the people and the silence. And of course Helena of Team production Portugal was great! 
A photographer that inspires you?
I like the style of Peter Lindbergh but nature swell inspires me a lot.
Your favourite movie, to watch en famille with kids 8-12y old?
I Just went with my daughter to ‘the secret live of pets’  hilarious, you must see it!
Do you have a special message for kids?
Play outside and build a treehouse!