Nicol Vizioli

A Look At…  Nicol Vizioli, Italian artist , living and working in London.

Nicol started off as a painter and her focus eventually shifted to photography.  Following an initial course of studies in cinematography in Italy, she then graduated from LCF (University of The Arts London) with an MA in Fashion Photography in 2011.

Whether fashion or fine arts shots, I can see the painting and cinematic qualities in all of her images by the lighting setups that she uses, the tones that she favours, the carefully thought-out focal points  and the mythological symbolism that she refers to.  There’s a timeless quality to her work, at times reminiscent of Guillermo del Toro’s work (The Orphanage, Pan’s Labyrinth) or Michel Gondry’s fantastical approach to mise en scène.

Just like a painting, Vizioli’s work is multi-layered and i especially relish the constant tension (and harmony) between the notions of sinister and beautiful, black and white, good and bad.

A Look At... Nicol Vizioli