Online platform with a blog, newsletters and e-magazines, Circus covers areas like fashion, interiors and all aspects of the children’s world. Circus is based in Berlin, but published in English and German. Interview with Ruth Janessa Funk, the lady who created it.

Ruth, tell us about yourself…

I am German and living in Berlin(Charlottenburg). After finishing my Fashion Design School I went to University to  get a bachelor in Business Administration. My parents wanted me to be safe! After University I got married and now I am a mother of 3 – almost grown up children (1 girl and 2 boys). For more than 15 years I worked as a Designer for childrenwear.  2008 I founded the first German Fashion School for Kids.  With my experience as a designer and also having a design business I was always looking for inspiration and information special for the children’s sector. 3 Years ago I founded the online-platform Circus Mag to fill that niche, especially for Germany. Germany is a difficult market so I decided to do the platform also in English, so international labels and designer could understand the German market a bit better.
Why Circus ?

In  the German language we have a special word on how the fashion world behaves: “Modezirkus” (fashion circus) with it ups and downs, artistic manoeuvre, with it’s Celebrity endorsement … It’s all like in a circus!

What are your favourite features on Circus?
I love to scout for new trends! To sneak into this world out there and search for those little hints. To hear those voices and also see the needs where things have to change.
I love Pinterest! It is a great source to see what people are interested in. Daily I read a lot of international blogs with NetNewsWire. That also gives me a good sense of what is going on.
My latest magazine is an answer to that passion: 30 Days of Inspiration. I try to do more monthly inspiration booklets. the one for April/ May is almost finished.
What do you think are the important things in life ?

I love my work but my children are what gives real meaning to lifeIt is so wonderful and enjoying to see them growing up. Every day I am so amazed what great person they become.

What are you focusing on at the moment ?

At the moment I am writing a book about how to get started in fashion business (as a designer, as a brand or with retail). The focus is the German market and about starting small.  It covers also Marketing, social media strategies, how to do get buyers, what fairs to go to, etc.
The basics in starting a business are everywhere the same, so later I would like to translate it also into English.
What’s you favourite place/restaurant near home?

Berlin is such an exciting city! Everyday there a new places, restaurants, shops opening ( but also closing ;-))) I love the opportunity to try something new. That’s Berlin! Everyday something new! One favorite place I go to regularly is a Turkish market in Berlin Kreuzberg, called Maybachufer! It’s a must see. They have lot’s of fabrics and great food (love the African fried bananas!). At summertime always different street musicians are playing there and people group together to listen. A fun place.