Brand name : Bonnie baby –

Date of creation : 2005

Country of origin : UK – Countries of production : China and Hong Kong

Name of owner/founder : Tracey Samuel

Number of employees : 10

Number of sales points : 150, including Selfridges London, Harrods London, Pure Baby

Countries where the brand is present : UK, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, France, Asia including Hong Kong/China/Tiawan, Japan and S Korea.

Own e-store ? YES, created in 2007

Own store ?  Own Store in Hong Kong, Peninsula Hotel Shopping mall, Hong Kong.

Company statement or tag line :  1/ Buy once, buy well, pass it on! – 2/ Knitwear is for all seasons

What makes the brand stand out?  We are known for great quality Knitwear, and use a bright palette of colour and love stripes and fun motif animal intarsias.

Product covered : Baby and Childrens clothing from 0-5y.

How many pieces per collection : 45 in Spring Summer, 65 in Autumn Winter.

Main materials used : 100% Organic cotton Yarns and Jerseywear For Spring Summer, and 100% Organic cotton, and Cashmere blend yarns for Aut/Winter.

Your trade show planning for next season? :   16-17 June stand d19-  22-25 June-  26-28 June – London Showroom  1-14 July – Playtime Paris  6-8 July stand i15 – Playtime Tokyo  27-29 August – Top Drawer  15-17 Sept

Plans for the future ?  We have a focus on Asia, opening 20 points of sales in China over the next year, in partnership with our Chinese Distributors. Also we are trialing in 17 department stores in Japan, with really positive feedback, so hope to grow our presence in Japan significantly over the next few seasons.

We have started showing at Playtime Paris, which has had very positive response, and hope to grow our points of sales and agent network within Europe.


Bonnie Baby


Name of the photographer for the images sent : Claudine Sinnett