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Founder of the delicious e-store maromeria, Roxana Delgado describes herself as a Designer, Fashion Stylist and Dreamer. Roxana lives in Miami, Florida with her husband and two daughters (Carmen, 9 and Sienna 3), and also two dogs. Roxane has a passion for design and beautiful things. After she visited the first Bubble edition in New York, she made the decision to change her career and to bring all the best for children, enjoying every day finding and collecting them and that’s how she started A fresh, inspiring e-store that I really enjoy visiting and where I discovered brands like Matteo Bambino, and products like the Rip+Tatter chair , the Zorro mask and cape from Zid zid kids.
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Your favourite bedtime reading with the kids Nicholas by Goscinny & Sempe/ ABC by Bruno Munari.
Your favourite movie to watch with the whole family All from Chaplin.
Last item added to your child’s wardrobe A Petite Maloles shoes.
The book on your bedside table Dulce María Loynaz a Cuban poetry – It’s all about the importance of the sea and nature for island’s people.
Favourite art place MOMA, New York.
Favourite place for family holidays I love to be with close friends at the beach.
What do you prize most in life Freedom, Travel, but and the same time be the person to pick up my daughters from the school, I don’t want to miss that.
What inspires you at the moment Yohji Yamamoto / Talking to myself.
Your perfect Sunday At the park with the sound of the sea and my daugthers.
Your favorite website related to children I have a huge bookmark, but is a great resource.
Your favorite magazines related to children Kid’s wear and Milk magazine, especially the Japanese edition.

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