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Anita Da Silva (Yan Yun Wang if you call her by her  Chinese name), is the founder of Chalkboard, the first Shanghai based children’s store selling Western designers. Her assortment includes Kicokids, Hunter, Si tu veux and a nice selection of accessories, toys, home decor. Anita Studied fashion at Esmod Paris and lived in France for 5 years; she travels a lot, very often to the US. Before having her little girl called Sophia Jenna (now 2 years), she worked as an editor for Elle China. A pioneer with international culture and excellent taste, Anita tells us more about her passions, ideas and life.

Can you tell us what is the philosophy behind Chalkboard? I want to offer an artist view to the new generations, help stimulating Chinese children’s imagination and encourage originality in China. That is why I named the store Chalkboard, it’s all about expressing your imagination. The more you draw, the further you go. Chalkboard is a brand, a shop who thinks of the future, of the new Chinese lifestyle.

Speaking of lifestyle, can you describe yours? Busy, always thinking about what’s new, what’s next…like everybody who lives in an up-coming city. Having fun at the same time of course. I love it.

How about your own style? I mix and match, casual and effortless chic…until 2 weeks ago; I had a little accident because of my hairdresser’s assistant; still recovering!

How is your typical week? Phone calls, meetings, solving problems and have some little guilty pleasures…

How about your perfect Sunday? Having brunch with my family and friends outdoor. See the green, see the kids, the most beautiful things.

What are your inspirations at the moment? Today I heard the news about Apple; 600,000 people pre-ordered the new iphone 4 online; I am one of these, I wonder how much work and ideas behind, this is it- the inspiration of very now. The real inspiration is to change people’s life, looking forward to seeing my daughter when I talk to her with Facetime.

The book on your bedside table? The 30 years of Chinese Modern Art.

The music in your ipod? My husband mixed it for me. Mainly house and techno. I plan to buy the Soul Train Series. Love them.

What are your favorite cities in the world? Paris, Paris and Paris. I have so many good memories out there. Friends, restaurants, beautiful shops and French movies…I can’t stop walking, shopping 12 hours in a row in Paris.

And your favorite stores? Bon Marche, Merci and Bonpoint’s falgship in Paris.

What is your favorite child-related online destination?, especially for the “Look de Rue”, and Pirouette of course ;-)

What is your favorite child-related magazine? Milk magazine

Your favorite movie to watch with the whole family? Sophia is still too young to enjoy movies, but I guess she will soon love watching movies about animals. Looking forward to it.

What do you prize most in life? My family

A strong belief? Work hard and love hard

What are you especially proud about? My ideas and my go-get character

Your favorite place for the holidays? Portugal, horse riding and spending time with my family on the beach