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Miniteo just opened in Milan, a few steps away from its big sister, boutique Teo. The store focuses on shoes in small sizes with a thought for moms (range up to size 40). The main brand on display is Pepe (well done; I always wanted their models for myself!), surrounded by a few pieces by New Balance, All Stars and Hawaianas. All this in a delicious set up, largely inspired by the 50’s. Miniteo is not only a store, it is also an emotional place full of souvenirs from a lost childhood. Celadon colour, mosaic tiles, vintage toys; it feels like a shop from the past, warm and welcoming.

Miniteo di Roberta Aguzzi – Corso Concordia  11, 20129 Milano – miniteoshoes@gmail.com – Tuesday to Saturday,  10am/1pm – 2pm/7pm.