Six years ago, Murielle Bressan and her husband  Roman opened  Nobodinoz in the neighborhood of Gracia, Barcelona. Three years later a second shop was born, in calle Mestre Nicolau, 8. Today Nobodinoz is a brand that sends products all around the world via an e-store available in three languages. Murielle tells us more about Nobodinoz and about children’s fashion in Spain.

-What are the main brands that you sell?
We sell brands that come from the 5 continents, such as ours: Nobodinoz, then we have Oeuf NYC, ByBo Design, Kast van een huiss, etc.

-One that is particularly successful?
The most successful is -without any doubt- our own brand : Nobodinoz.
This is mostly due to the wide range of prints and the product quality at a competitive price.

-How about Spanish brands; what are your favourites?
The most famous Spanish brands that we have are  Piu et Nau and Bobo Choses. But my favourite brand would be Melly Mello, because its design is pure, simple and sophisticated. Unfortunately, I do think the brand no longer exists.
I also really like Tammy Donohoe’s for its minimalist design. The last two brands have a kind of “french touch”, which I am particularly fond of.

-How many of them do you sell in your stores?
In our stores, we sell Piu et Nau and Bobo Choses. Our brand is as well design and made in spain. People like them for be coloured, good vibes, comfortables…

-What do Spanish people like in general? In what are they different from the rest of Europe ?
I would say that Spanish people like coloured and cheerful things. They also really love retro prints and easy wear clothes. In my opinion, there ‘s not too much difference now. Before Spanish kid’s fashion was maybe more classic, but now things are changing. As one of the first stores that opened in spain with new brands for kids, I saw this change and now it really exist a demand on modern and design brands.