It’s new and we really liked it. The first edition of the Monocle Country Fayre took place this week end, in parallel to the Marylebone Summer Fayre in London. Pirate fishing game, live farm animals, face painting, products stalls, food, etc. A good mix for urban kids and stylish parents.

The last issue of Monocle features the annual “Top 25 Liveable cities – The rules of attraction: what makes a city liveable and loveable”. Zurich comes as number one, before Helsinki, Copenhagen, Vienna and Munich. Then Tokyo, Sidney and Auckland. So it seems that if you want to live well, you have to chose between Germanic/Scandinavian Europe or Asia Pacific. What about the cities I’d love to move to?  Paris only comes 14th, Vancouver 19th, Barcelona 21st and Geneva 25th…When it comes to London or New York, they are off the map. Time to move?