Fara Kids, freshly opened, is located in one of the most desirable shopping streets of London next to prestigious children’s brands. The shop is as large and as beautiful as its neighbors,  but it is not  competition for Caramel Baby & child, Burberry, I love Gorgeous, Petit Aime, Marie-Chantal, Petit Bateau and the other boutiques along the street. Fara Kids sells tee shirts and skirts at £5 to people with medium and low incomes. The product selection is wide : clothing, shoes, accessories for age 0-16, books, toys, little furniture, strollers and pregnancy clothes, all gently used, all at low prices. Fara Kids is a charity store of the new generation, with high standards of visual presentation, a young and creative sales team and bright ideas. Because it is in such a great location, the store offers a small range of beautiful, sometimes rare vintage treasures coming from the trunks of the chic Notting Hill area. At a higher price range, but still very affordable. That makes Fara Kids a destination for vintage lovers and designers in search of inspiration. All the benefits of Fara Kids go to children and young people with disabilities.

FARA Kids & Baby 39/41 Ledbury Road, W11 2AA Notting Hill London Tel: 020 7229 3634