Brand name :  bieq  - Website : Date of creation : 01 jun 2004 Country of origin : Netherlands Country of production :  Peru own bieq group of handknitters Name of owner/founder : Angélique Roelofsen

Picks of the week (n.4)


Griffin, 11 years old – Charleston SC, USA

Kelly Roper is a natural light child photographer ( whose black and white, quiet photographs, are in real contrast with our fast moving and hectic world.  Mother of Addison, 13 and Griffin, 11, Kelly says about her son : "Griffin keeps us laughing…

Fiontan Staley, 3 years old, Brooklyn

Pirouette is happy to feature another boy's interview! Fiontan is the son of Bronagh Staley, former fashion editor at Cookie Magazine and owner of Sweet William, a children's clothing store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Bronagh always find the cutest and most innovative brands on…