Juno is a proud New Yorker – she recently recommended a stay at the Plaza to a family friend, because “that’s where Elouise lives” *. Juno has a little sister Maris (almost 2 years); she speaks German with her family and English at school. Right now she is busy learning to ride a bike, to learn to swim and to horseback ride. Her longstanding passion is ballet. Her mom, Nele Husmann, is a journalist.


What do you want to be when you grow up I want to dance Marie in the Nutcracker. And I want to own a farm with lots of animals, especially horses and dogs

What is your favorite famous person My friend LOLA is my favourite person on earth

What makes you happy/laugh Playing tag with Papa

What makes you sad/angry When people don’t pay enough attention

Your favorite books The legend of King Arthur; Little house in the big woods

Your favorite films Noukie; My neighbor Totoro; The Sound of Music

Your favorite animal I love dachshounds and white horses

Your best holidays you ever had My daytrip to Disneyland. And Christmas in Germany

A city that you would dream to visit I want to go to Paris

Who chooses your clothes in the morning I choose my own clothes

Your favorite color Rainbow, silver and gold

Your favorite outfit My new hot pink shorts and a shirt

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe My layer-dress with little pink and white and green flowers

What is the next item you would like to get Pants for horse back riding and matchning boots! And I want Crocs!!!


Your favorite children’s brands Hartford, Flora & Henri, Bu and the Duck, Bonpoint, Zara Kids

Your favorite children’s stores In New York, Kisan Concept Store (they have the best selection on earth!) and Bu and the Duck; Julie’s in Munich, Germany

Do you buy a lot online for your children and what are your favorite e-stores I only buy German children’s books over the internet at Amazon, and that takes a lot of work. Typically, I rather shop in real boutiques to get the materials and the sizes right

A website that inspires you

What criteria you consider when you buy something for child I typically wait for a sale to find great bargains. Key are the quality of the design and the materials. PLUS: Juno must love to wear it

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe Hot pink terry cloth shorts

Most precious item you bought for your child Pink lacker shoes from Pepe

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day Pretended shaving foam

Items that you find hard to find A warm and stylish winter coat

Favorite pieces in Juno’s wardrobe The dresses my mom has sewn for Juno and Maris in Liberty fabric

Where are you going for the summer holidays We will be spending a month in a mountain village in Rhodes, Greece

Hartford, Flora & Henri, PepeBu and the Duck, Bonpoint, Zara Kids, Kisan Concept Store, Julie’s

* The famous Plaza Hotel in New York has recently been transformed into luxury residences/apartments and part of the first floor and basement host luxury boutiques including a large Eloise store