Screen Capture exhibition:
Parent and Child interviews revisited.
January 26 – 28 2019

In a fast-paced ever-changing world it’s important to occasionally stop and reflect on things done, and experiences shared. Pirouette’s Parent & Child interviews provide a snapshot in time of both the parent and their child. For the new Pirouette Screen Capture exhibition at Playtime Paris we ask a group of past participants to revisit their original interviews. With the children now in their teens, and the parents a little older they consider some new questions and reflect on their original answers.

Our participants include some familiar faces from the independent kid’s fashion world, an exhibition to make you smile!

Parent & Child Interview Revisited Participants

● OEUF: Sophie Demenge & daughter Mea (8) original interview 2010 here.
● YOYA: Cristina Villages  & daughter Mila (9) original interview 2011 here.
● FASHION DESIGNER: Ryan Roche & daughter Luella (7) original interview 2010 here.
● TRAVEL BLOGGER: Vanessa Boz & son Marcelo (4) original interview 2010 here.
● SEVERINA KIDS: Alejandra Salvatore & son Mateo (3) original interview 2012 here.
● BABYCCINO: Courtney Adamo & son Easton (5 1⁄2) original interview 2011 here.
● PHOTOGRAPHER: Michelle Marshall & daughter Lola (6) original interview  here.

Extracts from original interviews…

Who is your favourite famous person? (after a long pause…) Father Christmas, I like him because he brings lots of presents to me even the things that I don’t ask for, he still brings them (Marcelo 4 yrs, 2010)

What makes you angry? Not having what I want to eat for dinner (Lola 6 yrs, 2010)

Sopie and Mae aged 8
Sophie and Mae 8years old

Flash forward to the current day…

Extract from Sophie Demenge & Daughter Mae’s new Parent & Child interview…

What do you feel when you read what you wrote 7 years ago?I laughed. I was so innocent. I’ve changed so much. I have grown into myself and have been able to form my own opinions through all kinds if life experiences weather mundane, everyday little obstacles or victories or month long summer camps have shaped me. (Mae now 17 yrs, original interview 2010)

What are the main changes that happened in your life/ profession in the last (7 or 8) years? I am calmer, more centered, more picky about where and how I spend my energy. I have a better, deeper understanding of what matters to me and what my kids need.
(Sophie Demenge – Designer/ Founder Oeuf)

Celebrating 10 yrs of Pirouette in 2019!

Make sure to visit the exhibition at the North resting space – Playtime Paris
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