Brand name : NORO – Company name : NORO

Website :

Date of creation : January 2007

Country of origin : France – Countries of production : Madagascar, France, Perou

Name of owners : Maxime and Claire Lefort

Number of employees : 3

Number of sales points : Lots! , including  Elias and Grace  in London (website), NINNNA NANNA ( Avellino  italy), Plum  in Beyrouth ( Lebanon)

Where to find the brand online? :,

Own e-store ?, since 2010

Company statement or tag line : See

What makes the brand stand out? : The fabrics..we choose the best fabrics  , imported from Japan ( cotton  ) or Italy ( wool)

A quote from a client or journalist? : From a customer:  she is a grand mother , she regulary buys for her little kids, she was stand up in front of our shop, and says to the customers who look the window: come on, let’s go in the shop , it is better than bonpoint or bonton!

How many pieces per collection : About 120 pces + or –( I don’t count the woman line and teenagers line)

Main materials used : Cotton

Your trade show planning for next season?

Always Playtime in Paris..the only one.

Just in June we will make a fair only for baby . It is a new fair, not for professionals; it is for the bobo and vip people.

Plans for the future : We have an agent in New york .

We plan to open several NORO shops (store complete as in Paris, own shop) abroad in big city..we will inform you when we will sign we are dealing.