Photos by Gana


The real life story of Alexandra Darcissac and children’s brand La princesse au petit pois (The princess and the pea) could start with “Once upon a time”.  In 1992, two years after the birth of her first daughter Siam, Alexandra started her children’s line. When she told friends and family around the name she came up with for it, everybody thought it was a crazy idea : at that time brand names had a maximum of two syllabes.  But she resisted, convinced that the name was right for her line. A choice that she doesn’t regret and that brought luck; the fairy tale is so deeply rooted in  our culture that the name rings a bell in every little girl’s head. For Alexandra, La princesse au petit pois is only the beginning a long long story.

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Alexandra Darcissac


In 1994 Alexandra opened her store in South of France and two years ago she started a beautiful blog. Brand, blog and boutique are a real success in France and beyond, with an incredible number of fans. Lovers of La princesse au petit pois include talented photographers who have worked on the great images featured on this post. I’ll let Alexandra tell us more about herself, and about the story behind the photo shoots.

Alexandra, home side

A person that you admire Not a person in particular, but all the ones, ordinary heroes who spend their life saving others

Your favourite movieThe piano by Jane Campion

Your favourite book Belle du seigneur by Albert Cohen

A place you visited that stays with youKerkennah Island, Tunisia

A great bedtime storyDis moi combien je t’aime (Guess how much I love you) by Sam Bratney and Anita Jeram

The last purchase you did for a child A Waldorf doll “Sous le figuier” (figuierdesophie)

The best place for a holiday Winter Anywhere as long as it’s next to a fire place with family – Summer : at the back of my garden, in my hammock. But I also dream of taking a barge tour along the French canals





Photos Claude Blaser

Alexandra, business side

How would you describe your style I stopped figthing against the backward-looking spirit of my brand. I draw inspiration from painting and illustrations from the past.  They are, in my opinion, ideal to reveal the grace and beauty of childhood, particularly though popular or peasant scenes. As for my personal style, is there time for a life for someone as busy as I am?

Your favourite children’s brands Muchacha, Noro, TroiZenfants, Bonton I also like the tee-shirts from Mimimouse and the woolen accessories from Princesse des neiges and Une sardine à Rio

The magazines you likeMilk magazine, Papier maché, Mum is geek, Doolittle, and I read Pirouette everyday :o))

Can you tell us more about the photos The work that photographers do around children’s fashion is for me a source of constant marvel. In regards to the collaboration with Gana (photos on top), I was transfixed by the beauty and personality of her daughter Themis, a particularly charismatic child (Themis is a model for Milk Magazine, Doolittle, for Belgium brands and others). Gana and her children are have the attention of very established brands and magazines, but she agreed with a collaboration when I presented my project to her. I gave her carte blanche and I was very happy with the result as she perfectly highlighted the retro and childish aspects of that part of my collection. The photographs of Clause Blaser are very moving and it was my dream to see my work through her eyes. I shyly asked her if she would consider photographing my collection and she immediately got enthusiastic about the idea. I think that Claude is, creatively speaking, my soul sister and the result of her work is beyond my expectations.






Photos Claude Blaser