Screen capture: Mother & child interviews revisited - Paris Playtime

New Screen Capture: Parent & Child interviews revisited. Playtime Paris exhibition 2019

Screen Capture exhibition: Parent and Child interviews revisited. January 26 - 28 2019 In a fast-paced ever-changing world it’s important to occasionally stop and reflect on things done, and experiences shared. Pirouette’s Parent & Child interviews provide a snapshot in time…

Cristina Villegas owner at Yoya store New York. Children's fashion and lifestyle.

YOYA, New York City.

Cristina Villegas opened children's fashion and lifestyle store YOYA back in 2002 after the birth of her first child Mila (see parent and child interview from 2011). Fast forward to 2018 and Yoya now has an online outlet. So what is it about this children's fashion gem in the…

Georges, 20 months – New York, USA

Georges has three passions, cars, especially Taxis ; nature (animals and flowers) and all kind of books. "He is a very happy, tempered and funny little boy, a real clown says" his mother Pauline Lévêque, a journalist ( -

Lief, 3 years old – Brooklyn NY, USA

Lief is particular about people’s names. She has to know everyone's names. It’s the first question she asks when she meets someone. Is it because her own name is so particular and so charming? Ilana, her mother adds "Lief also loves dressing up especially in my clothes and…

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