It was big news from luxury Italian label Gucci last month when they announced their plan to stop using fur from 2018. It may be almost 30 years since PETA started campaigning against the use of fur in fashion but according to animal welfare campaigners, this is a huge ‘game changer’ in the fashion industry.

Of late we have seen a growing trend of exciting and elaborate faux fur outerwear in kid’s fashion from both the smaller and larger labels. So in light of this decision from the luxury giant of the fashion industry to commit to faux fur in the future we have compiled our favourite #CoupeDeCoeur Faux Fur pieces currently on the market for Aw17. In the process, we also find out why Gucci has made this historic move now.

Luxury fashion house Gucci said the decision was part of the company’s commitment to ‘sustainability”. Speaking at the London College of Fashion in October, Gucci president and CEO Marco Bizzarri (Read,BOF Bio) stated: “ being socially responsible is one of Gucci’s core values, and we will continue to strive to do better for the environment and animals”. The companies decision is credited partly to the influence of creative director Alessandro Michele (Read, Vogue Article), who was appointed in 2015. Bizzarri commented “ In selecting a new creative director, I wanted to find someone who shared a belief in the importance of the same value’ going to say “I sensed this immediately on meeting Alessandro the first time”

The luxury brand is truly committed to the change which will take place in 2018 but they are also making steps currently to adjust the ss18 collection revealed in September, going on to state that any animal-fur items from collections currently on sale, such as a 25,920 mink coat launched this year, will now be auctioned off, with profits going towards animal rights organisations Humane Society International (HSUS) and Lav.

For a luxury brand such as Gucci it’s a big move away from the fur industry that still generates an estimated $40bn worldwide at the last count. Gucci will now join 40 organisations that make up the Fur Free Alliance, which promotes alternatives to fur usage in the fashion industry.

AW17 Faux Fur #CoupDeCoeur


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Faux Fur kid's fashion : Andorine Faux Fur Coat

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Faux fur kid's fashion picks : Animals Observatory Brown Panda Coat

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