Pirouette 10 questions game:

Q&A between 2 players – 5 questions & 5 answers each. Both players are interviewer and interviewee. This time with Petra Barkhof (P), of Scimparello and deputy editor & digital director Kid’s Wear Magazine invites Adele Gandola (A)  creative mind & distributor of Péro to ask her 5 questions then answer 5 of her own. Let’s go!


Adele asks, Petra answers…

A: Think of the world of fairy tales … What character would you like to be and to live which fairy tale?
P: Snow White … to command the dwarves and marry a prince, or Nanny McPhee who is also a commander. I love to be the boss:-)

A: Which of your talents makes you proud of yourself?
P: The mastery of the digital world, which at my age is not really for everyone … .. My collaborators call me “Apple Monster”.

A: If you could be any animal what would you choose?
P: Time ago a panther, always dressed in black. Now I changed my skin and became a leopard!

A: The funniest joke played on you?
P: Amongst the thousand jobs that I did, I was also an air hostess. It was a tradition for staff & crew to indoctrinate fledgeling newcomers by playing a joke. Given my friendship with a flight engineer, I had been warned to be on alert. It all happened to the others, but nothing to me.

Until one day a passenger, coming out of the toilet, warned me that the flush did not work. I went straight to the cockpit to inform the flight engineer about the problem. He listened to my information and switched on a button on a large panel then he turned to tell me ‘to alert him whenever a passenger goes to the bathroom, it ended up being about 200 times during the flight that I had to go to alert him. Up and down, Up and down!!!! After landing, I climbed exhausted on to the crew bus and was welcomed by everyone on the bus shouting “Is anyone still in the bathroom?” HaHaHa…they got me !!!!

A: What would you choose between a night with George Clooney or a coat from Comme des Garçons?
P: My husband is more beautiful than George Clooney … but I do not have a coat from Comme des Garçons.


P: I know you pretty well, but I have not yet understood how the adventure of Péro and all the other things you are dealing with, were born?
A: Seven years ago I was at the seaside and I was reading Vogue. On the last page, I noticed a tiny black and white picture of a dress and below was the name of an emerging designer. Since that moment my obsession was born … I contacted the girl by e-mail, she told me that it was her first collection and that if I wanted to see her I would have to go to see her at a fair in Mumbai.

Something told me it was a special product … then someone from the top gave me the push… to say it all, it was my husband that convinced me to start an activity and gave me the chance to do it.

It was from full-time mom to …. handyman !!!

P: Many kids brands complain about a crisis, you do not seem to suffer. Do you want to give some advice?
A: My market is a niche market and I do not give advice but ….. I find that the market offers so many different products that are basically too similar if not the same … the secret? put your own personality into the product and do not take too much notice of the trends!!

P: Entering your home is like entering into a fairy tale, millions of objects coming from all over the world. Your last purchase was a full size ET! So what is the next object at the top of your wish list?
A: Everybody when coming into my house is convinced I created a world of fairytales after becoming grandmother …. in fact it is not so, it is for me! I have always loved gadgets and various objects that give me energy and vitality. My real weakness is Disney ….. the TOP! … there is no-one like him in the world!! ….The next item of desires? ……. TOP SECRET until it finds me !!!

Adele Gandola's fairytale home
Sneak peek of Adele’s home, used as a location for an Iris Apfel inspired shoot for Style Piccolli by Petra Barkhof and Marco Tassinari

Adele Gandola's fairytale home

P: You asked me which fairy tale I would like to live.. Tell me also yours?
A: Mary Poppins ….. it would be great to move your nose and have everything perfect !!! this power would be perfect for my office!

P: In the evening on the sofa, who sits next to you? Pluto, Snow White or your husband? Or do you take all evening to dust your collection of thousands of Boule de neige? (snow Globes)
A: In the evening on the couch I find Piera a tender Italian “Spinone” who loves me as if I’m his mother! I really should be dusting … it would be more useful!! but Piera finds me ;-)


The End/Fin

Petra Barkhof
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Adele Gandola
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