Day 3 the final day at Pitti Bimbo 87 is always a great day to catch up with some of the brands. We talk to Velveteen, Nikolia, Paade Mode, Miss L. Ray, and Raspberry Plum about their SS19 collections before finally heading off back home.

Interview Ruta Elkimaviciute and Ieva Domarkait, Nikolia

Katie talks to Ruta Elkimaviciute and Ieva Domarkaite of Nikolia about how they started out, their individual roles at Nikolia, their SS19 collection and the importance of the catwalk show to them at Pitti Bimbo 87.

Interview Laura Egloff, Velveteen

Katie chats to Laura Egloff about the new Velveteen collection, in particular their expanding range for boys. We also learn how Velveteen’s recently opened flagship store in Hong Kong has had an influence on this new collection. And we talk sustainability: Velveteen’s new initiatves and how scaling can help a brand’s commitment to equality and sustainability.



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