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A selection of the best children’s brands were showing at Playtime Paris this week end. Among the booths I noticed busy, writing orders in a continuous way, were Pepe children’s shoes, Maan, Gold, Simple kids, Album di famiglia, April Showers by Polder, Bobo choses, Louis Louise, Bakker made with Love, Talc. Well deserved; all lovely, well made and creative lines. But don’t get me wrong, this is just a quick picture which doesn’t mean the other great collections did not do good business; although the summer shows always tent to be a little bit slower, exhibitors reported a rather satisfying amount of clients. The children’s industry is still lively, yes! More posts about new products and interesting founds from the show will come later this week.

Pictures : Simple kids, April showers by Polder, Gold, Lale, Zero de conduite, Petit Lucas du Tertre, Bensimon