It was the first edition of KID WEEK in Paris, formally known as the Kid Show. Taking place over four days in the fashionable Marais district, KID WEEK offers a curated selection of 25 brands. The 7 private showrooms and multi brand showroom, KID Apartment are all located within a few steps of each other on the fashionable Rue de Turenne.

On the Saturday night Wolf & Rita hosted an event with live music, fizz and canopies in KID Apartment. It was relaxed and a lovely environment for buyers, designers, press, etc to chit chat with a glass in hand accompanied by the wonderful live Portuguese music. After leaving it was a simple traverse across Rue de Turenne to Tinycotton’s showroom for more welcoming music & fizz. Downstairs a gallery showcased the AW19 collection imagery whilst upstairs you found the brand’s founders along with their collection. As we mingled I chatted with a UK buyer interested by how consumer demand for sustainable organic collections has become the ‘norm’. And how some retailers are becoming preloved branded resellers. We then made our way back across the street to the beautifully presented Finger in the Nose showroom adorned with super funky portrait prints from their AW19 collection.

It was later that the news on the grapevine got to us… Celine Dion had payed a secret visit to the Celinununu showroom that evening. This explained why Celinununu was the only showroom closed for the event evening and yet there were still people excitedly hanging around outside creating a bit of buzz… very fashion week!


Like Men’s and Women’s week, buyers, press etc go from showroom to showroom to view the collections. Aimed towards the visitor/ buyer experience each label takes responsibility for creating the environment and atmosphere of their showroom. The evening was really well thought out and executed bringing a bit of kid’s fashion pizzazz to le Marais.

kid week wolf & rita event



The visitor/ buyer experience is the future: All the showrooms were beautifully presented with designers and PR representatives welcoming and helpful.

Fashion/ Gallery: Fashion/ art fusion as it should be, presented really well for kid’s fashion. The showrooms acted also as galleries to showcase and share the wonderful collection photography.

Kid Fashion Week mimicking Mens and Women’s Fashion: Multiple show rooms, Les Marais. Nice!


Finger in the Nose – 126 Rue de Turenne, 75003

Kid week Finger in the nose showroom AW19 photography

Kid week Finger in the nose showroom AW19 photography

Kid week Finger in the nose showroom AW19 photography


Tinycottons – 123 Rue de Turenne, 75003

Kid Week, Tinycottons showroom AW19 FW19 collection

kid week Tiny Cottons Showroom AW19 photography


NB: Unfortunately I missed the multi brand showroom collections, time wise it became really difficult to get back to the show on the Sunday. It would have been perfect if those collections exhibiting at the multi brand showroom had been available to view during the Saturday night event. That said the production and presentation at each showroom was really wonderful and made Saturday evening mixing business and pleasure a great experience.

Photo Gallery

Kid week Smudgetikka at Finger in the Nose showroom
Linda at Finger in the Nose Showroom
kid week Tiny Cottons Showroom AW19 photography Rose WGSN & Linda Smudgetikka
Rose – WGSN, & Linda – Smudgetikka at the Tiny Cottons Showroom
Kid Week, Finger in the nose showroom AW19 FW19 collection
Window selfie with Linda, Finger in the Nose showroom.
Kid week Rue De Turenne le Marais showroom map
Showroom location Map, Rue de Turenne le Marais

Kid week logo