Pirouette returns to Playtime Paris to curate the second edition of the Screen Capture series. This time the exhibition explores the theme of Modern Beauty.

Beauty… physical, nature, behaviour, in a world where we can now add a filter, instantly display our like or dislike, and add our comment. We ask a group of illustrators to join the Screen Capture exhibition in exploring the theme of ‘Modern Beauty’ by creating an original piece of work for showing at Playtime Paris. Open to the artist’s interpretation with no interference by Pirouette, the resulting artwork seems reassuringly gentle. 

Participating Artists

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Let’s explore modern beauty together!


Screen Capture: Modern Beauty?

Playtime Paris #24
30 June – 2 July, 2018
9.30 – 6.30pm (Mon 9.30 – 5pm)
Parc Floral