I am happy to share a family discovery : AQUILA, a monthly educational magazine for children 8 to 12. Aquila keeps children entertained with intelligent reading; every issue is organised around a theme, and contains articles, puzzles, fun activities that will enrich general knowledge. My kids love it and I have much pleasure reading it with them as I am also learning lots of good things myself!

In the great October issue called “Fascinating Fungi”, we read about Eden Bayer, one of the inventors of MycoBond, a completely organic material that could totally replace Styrofoam, a form of plastic with a wide range of usage. The issue also teaches how to grow king oyster mushrooms at home, what are the bacteria and fungi that inhabit our bodies, how kids can tun their own business and much more.

I love the way Aquila encourages children to develop ethical awareness, as well as a caring, well-rounded take on life. It’s a good way for children to learn how to think outside of the box, how to develop a sense of critic. The magazine contains no advert or media hype. My favourite part is maybe the letters to the editor; they show how passionate, curious and imaginative 8-12 year old kids can be.