Most designers know that image and communication tools are key for their brand. Some are lucky and have the skills to work on it, some have talented friends in their network. But for others, finding the right photographer, stylist, set designer, graphic designer, i.e. all the people who contribute to a successful image, isn’t an easy task. Not to mention coordinating the jobs AND giving the appropriate art direction. Fortunately, there are agencies that can beautifully handle creation and production for brands and Lila & Tom is one that I would highly recommend. The agency, based in Barcelona, is owned by Kathleen Boonen and Jan Dönhardt, a couple with Belgian, Dutch and German origins who lived in Paris, Berlin, London and Madrid. Speaking many languages must be the key for their accurate understanding of client’s needs and expectations. Between the two of them, they create appropriate stories and they deliver images that really work.  Their clients include Tammy Donohoe, Massimo Dutti, Dandy Star. Their contribution to Milk Magazine and Naif is an evidence of their precious talent.

Photos Juan Carlos Ponsa – Enric Montes.