I have become addicted to Kidsroomzoom’s website, very fun and original. A good way to know what’s cooking for Milano Mobile, the Italian furniture fair that will take place in April. Designers, stylists, photographers, editors are featured  and there are fun little interviews. Here’s the one with artist Martine Camillieri, someone who’s been on my list of interesting people to write about on Pirouette for way too long. Have a look at her food installations and projects on

How is your bed?and your cradle when you were baby? I sleep in a cube (in Viet-Nam, 4 sticks, one at each corner of the bed, put up a rectangular mosquito net, as a cube). You have to open a delicate door to come in, like in a real house. It is a very personal space,  It is also a screen for my dreams. Everything seen through,  becomes soft and nice and poetic. For my craddle, as I was born in France,  I only remember the sweet warmth of my blanket when it was cold.

Which kind of meal you do not like? which is your favourite dish that your mom prepare to you? Beeerk, I hate spinach, I don’t want to be Popeye !

Your favorite book to read? It’s my pupil’s textbook, it is so wonderful to see that all this black drawings mean something !! I kept this book, called La joie de lire“, as I become an adult.

Have you got an imaginary friend? The friend of my dreams is a husky.  As in my country, it never snow, I like to dream to white and frozen landscape. I have seen in a book a wonderful dog with a great blue regard in his russet coat. Now Husky is my friend… in my snowy mind !

What did you draw first?A lot and a lot of towns, or city, or villages… on all over the sheet. I like to imagine small or large houses for everybody, streets and roads, church, school, bakery… Life.