There is a lot to love about Home grown books, a Brooklyn-based children’s publishing company founded by reading specialist Kyla Ryman. Their philosophy is simple: children deserve material as rich as their imaginations.

We discovered Home grown books at playtime New York last winter and fell in love with their book packs. We are excited to see their collection expanding to toddler and babies thanks to beautiful board books versions:

A Place to Live by artist Case Jernigan

In My Garden by artist Nathalie Trovato

Dress Up by artist Cecile Dyer

Night light by artist Sara Woster.

Like all their books, these new versions support early reading by promoting thoughtful content and rich illustrations by talented artists. The literature is simple but meaningful. The amazing illustrations make all the difference. They are visually stimulating, engaging the imagination in young minds and inviting them to wander. The books are truly wonderful and do respect the intelligence of young children. And while I love the design and the philosophy of Home grown books, I love even more the fact that my children really do enjoy them.

The icing on the cake, Home grown books make a special effort to keep their eco-footprint as small as possible. Their entire printing process is green and all books are locally made in NY.